Tote Bags

Elegance and sophistication do not have to be at odds with practicality and functionality. Balmain’s collection of designer tote bags is proof of this. For this reason, Olivier Rousteing has poured all of his creativity and sensitivity into designing a collection of Balmain totes to accompany modern women wherever they go and to enhance their outfits by adding a unique touch which exudes character and strength. Engraved with the legendary coat of arms Pierre Balmain designed for his fashion house or coupled with intricate Jacquard labyrinth patterns inspired by some of France’s most beautiful renaissance gardens, each Balmain tote bag reflects the savoir-faire this atelier is renowned for. Crafted in different sizes, ranging from convenient mini totes to larger designs which exude character and are suitable for travel, the Balmain tote bags for women have many trump cards to make them become one of the Balmain Army members’ favorite accessories.

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